September 20th, 2010

cap, captain miss america

Comic: Running

This really happens when I run at the track in the morning: there is always some lady who is already dressed for work, in business clothes, with fancy lady shoes and her hair all done and her purse, jogging. And it is not even always the same lady!

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cap, captain miss america

That Photo Meme

So there is that meme where you're supposed to post a photo of yourself without doing anything to "fix yourself up," but since I don't do any of those things anyway, this is like pretty much any of my photos.

It also does one of those "You are tagged if you see this" things, but I find those annoying, so, you know, if you would like to do it, hooray.

cap, captain miss america

A Page From My Diary

This weekend, I spent some time sorting and packing up books that have been living at my parents’, so they can take the trek from Connecticut to my apartment that actually has space for books in Queens.

While doing this, I found a diary from 1984. Let’s just get this straight. In 1984, I was 6 years old.

There were only two pages in the entire diary filled out. I scanned them in so you could see.

Those are the only pages I filled in the entire book. Draw what conclusions you will.

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