September 27th, 2010

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Running Update

Guys! So I haven’t had a chance to make a real for-real update since I spent most of my weekend busy, but Saturday morning, bright and early, was the Run For Congo Women.

Our team was made up of about 20 cartoonists, comic fans, friends, and people who lost a bet. Everyone was so nice and a lot of fun to chat with. We also ended up raising about $3500, the second-highest amount raised by any other group in the run! I personally raised about $300, and I would like to thank all of you so much for contributing.

I was very proud of myself– I ran all 5k from start to finish without stopping or walking. I ran a bit slower than a lot of people, but I met my goal of running the entire thing. It was a bit intimidating, though, when the lady pushing the double-stroller ran faster than me. That might get turned into a comic. It was a pretty hard run, harder than my usual track, but it was so gratifying to finish it.

I have decided that I want to keep running in the morning, although I am not going to run 5k every morning– that was a bit much, and I often felt a bit strained by the end. Today I ran 3k, but I made a point of making myself run harder than I did when I was running 5k, so it was still a proper workout. One thing I really like about running in the morning is that if I get up at 6:30, by the time I get to work at 9 am, I’ve already been up for two hours, and that really makes a difference in how I feel at work. I’m ready to work, and not groggy for the first hour.

There is one drawback I haven’t mentioned, and that is the effect on my boobs! My breasts are really sore when I finish a long run– on Saturday, they were pretty painful, more painful than anything else I felt. I also have been breaking out like a kid who just hit puberty in my cleavage area, with really big, painful acne. Which is ugly, too. And it’s a place I rarely got acne before I started running, so I can tell it’s directly related. I was wondering, do any of the runners who read this have either of these issues? What do you do about them? Thanks!

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