October 12th, 2010

cap, captain miss america

Judgmental Dad Spoon!

On many Mondays, I make a very long trek out to Brooklyn to L Nichols’ home for a drawing night with a bunch of cartoonists. I started going because Margo and Darryl invited me to come, and I’ve been really enjoying it! We do drawing and talking and lately some of the group has been beginning to play D&D.

I can’t play D&D, because I have to leave pretty early if I want to get home in time, but I enjoy helping by making completely useless comments.

Yesterday, L was trying to decide on a good monster for a level 1 party. I suggested a lot of helpful things like a pumpkin and a toothbrush and finally I suggested an angry spoon.

Somehow, from angry spoon, Darryl come up with a new comic character: “Judgmental Dad Spoon.”

Then we got to discussing how when cartoonists get together, there are always all these really funny ideas that never get written down, because everyone is too busy working on their own thing. So I decided I would help by drawing Judgmental Dad Spoon.

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