June 21st, 2011

cap, captain miss america

I Use Bees!

Hive #1 has been getting pretty full up with honey, so my mom and I went in and took out a few frames this weekend.

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We only took out four frames out of forty in our hive, and we got six POUNDS of honey. Eeee, so exciting. It’s really cool, because this honey tastes completely different from the honey we collected last fall. That honey is really rich and dark and mostly goldenrod. This honey is really light and clear and tastes like chamomile and strawberries. They’re both amazing, but in different ways.

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cap, captain miss america

It is a two-pickle day!

The sandwiches in our cafeteria come with a pickle, you see.

I have a turkey sandwich with Muenster cheese and guacamole on it on a multigrain roll. And the guy making the sandwiches gave me two pickles. I always get excited when I get two pickles.

I just spoke to my super; he's going to come over tonight and see what the heck the deal with my stove is. Best part? I am supposed to be going out for dinner and comics with nervousystem and I don't even need to cancel, super will come over at 11pm! Whee! The sad part is I can't make any ice cream till the stove is fixed, and I have a whole slew of herbs I want to infuse (I have burdock! Burdock to go with my dandelions!) and I can't do anything with them.

So things are pretty good today. The sky is so hazy that the spires of the city are lost in the clouds, and everything is a thick milk-white. It looks tactile, like you could peel it away.

Oh I just want to share this old post that keeps coming up in conversations. I think it is probably the single greatest dream I have ever had. Batman: Year 86. Yes, I dream about Batman.

What is up in your neck of the woods? Is it an awesome day?