June 22nd, 2011

cap, captain miss america


Or, you know, five. Which is how many new ones that are worth sharing I’ve made since the last time I did a cocktail post apart from the strawberries. Holy heck! How did I go that long? What is wrong with me?!

I am feeling uncreative and beyond naming things right now. Which you may have noticed from my last post where I just started naming things “strawberry” in different languages. I figure the options right now are 1) sit around naming them for the next hundred years or 2) just throw ‘em up without names. If you want to volunteer names, go for it!


2 1/2 oz Small’s Gin
1/2 oz Scarborough Faire Gin (homemade infusion! I make it with Gale Force Gin and 1/2 cup each parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme)
2 sprigs oregano
1 small plum,
1/2 oz lavender syrup
1/4 oz Branca Menta

Add cut up plum, 1 sprig oregano and regular gin to shaker.
Muddle, then add Scarborough Faire gin & syrup. Shake.
Coat chilled cocktail glass with Branca Menta, discard excess.
Pour drink into glass, add oregano for garnish.


2 oz Magellan Blue Gin
1 oz Carpano Antica Formula
1/2 oz limoncello
1 rib rhubarb plus a small piece of rhubarb for garnish
1 Tb lemon thyme
3 dashes Fee Bros Rhubarb bitters

Add gin, thyme and chopped rhubarb to shaker, muddle well
Add Carpano Antica & limoncello and shake
Pour into chilled cocktail glass and add bitters
Garnish with leftover piece of rhubarb!


2 oz Dogfish Head Jin
1oz Dolin dry vermouth
1/2oz Domaine de Canton
1Tb purple basil + 1 leaf for garnish
1Tsp Vietnamese coriander (this is different from your more typical coriander/cilantro and has broad, flat, shiny leaves) +1 leaf for garnish
1 hot pickled pepper
1/8 tsp cinnamon
Bottle Green Ginger & Lemongrass Soda to top

Soak pepper in gin for five minutes.
Add gin (with pepper), basil, lemongrass, and Domaine de Canton to shaker, muddle.
Add vermouth & cinnamon, shake
Pour into highball glass with ice, add soda until glass is full. Garnish with leaves.


2 1/2 oz Ethereal Gin
1/2 oz Averna amaro,
1/2 oz Heering Cherry Liqueur
10 bruised sage leaves (Bruise the sage leaves by running your index finger and thumb in opposite directions against the leaf)

Put all ingredients in a glass. Muddle, then shake.
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Easy!


Okay, I have to say, this is the best drink of the bunch. And it’s vodka. Vodka! My mother wanted a drink to showcase our new honey, so this is seriously made with honey RIGHT out of the hive. How awesome is that? But you should all try it. I recommend a lighter honey. Clover is probably fine, or acacia or tupelo.

3oz Comb Vodka
1/4 oz Mathilde peche
1/2 oz freshly extracted honey (any honey will do if you are not a nerd like me)
1 tb fresh lavender plus a sprig of lavender blossom for garnish
2 tb fresh mint.

Add vodka, lavender and mint to shaker, muddle just until leaves are bruised.
Add honey and shake.
Coat chilled cocktail glass with Mathilde peche
Pour drink into glass, garnish.

Whew, okay, now I am caught up with the drinky-drinks.

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cap, captain miss america

Doot de doo!

Working, working, working!

So I meant to take a photo! Yesterday, I met up with nervousystem in Brooklyn because he said he had some comics for me. We got some delicious Thai food and he hands me this bag...full of giant fucking graphic novels. Some of which I have read, but none of which I own. Eee, so excited. So yes, we had a very nice dinner and talked at length about comics and the comic marketplace and comic business models and the DC reboot and stuff, and this totally new thing DC is doing called "Green Lantern." It's very exciting and completely new and it has a lantern that is green, if the title is anything to go off of.

It was fun! Then I went home and played with quizzicalsphinx and chatted to gildedage and alephz a bit, and I'm a little disappointed that I'm going to be down one of my favorite AIM buddies, but it is for an acceptable reason because his mommy is coming to visit him. And he said some funny things about marriage equality that I meant to post, but then forgot to save the IM window.

ETA: OMG alephz is the best and sent me the things he said:

alephz: "If we admit that a woman can have a full say in this, we'd have to give a -dog- full say and everyone knows dogs can't sign contracts, so neither can females. I eat poop." LOOK THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH MAN-NESS AND IT ONLY GETS SPREAD IF YOU HAVE SEX WITH LADIES AND BLOO-DEE-BLAH.

My super stopped by at 11pm! Eleven! To check my stove. He said he thinks he might be able to fix it, so he's going over there today during the day to check it out. Otherwise, new stove for me? Hmmm. As long as I can make my freaking bacon ice cream, I will be happy.

I had very good news this morning but it is not my news to tell. SO EXCITING.

justatailor and I are going to Death & Company tonight, which will be excellent. The last time I was there they were going through this weird period of having drinks that tasted like gummi bears but the new menu looks much more promising. Nom nom nom.

I keep forgetting to bring my camera places lately. So sad! I feel like a photo-taking failure.

Lunchtime! I am tempted to go over to Grom after lunch, but Brendan keeps telling me to go to Bomboloni although I have only ever had doughnuts there and not gelato. Hm.

Also, if you have a moment, it would be much appreciated if you could write to or callNYS Senator Skelos and ask him to hear the Marriage Equality Act.

You can also contact these undecided senators about why marriage equality is important.
Kemp Hannon
Greg Ball
Mark Grisanti

Remember, if you do this, I will DRAW YOU A CAT AS A THING.

I hope you are all having a luscious day!

ETA: Yeah, so. I went to Bomboloni. The gelato did not look nearly as good as the Grom gelato, and I was highly disappointed. However, I was in a store full of tiny delicious bomboloni so this was lunch:

Perfectly acceptable lunch, y/y?