August 27th, 2011

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It has to be said

So I got up this morning, my mother and I picked all the vegetables that were ripe to pick and at risk of being destroyed, and we have this incredible bounty of stuff to pickle and make jam from– there’s going to be a LOT of grape jam, yessiree bob, since there aren’t enough grapes to make wine and we really had to get them off the vines.

We weighted down the beehives so that they would be secure in the wind (we hope!) and moved the chickens into a storm pen in the stable, although as soon as we did it (in torrentially pouring rain this morning), the rain died down and now the chickens are angry they’re indoors. OH WELL, CHICKENS. IT IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

[info]liret, I should mention, helped build the storm pen, so I took some pictures so she can see it in action:

My grandparents down in Delaware have been evacuated because there is a tornado watch in their town. My cousin brought them up to her house which is outside the evacuation zone…of all the things in the house to save, my grandfather insisted on bringing his beer with him. Now you know where I get it from. My aunt is in a shelter at the local school.

I am mostly just worried about the garden and the animals at this point. Planning for possible loss of electricity and copious abuse of my liquor cabinet. We have tons of food and tons of water. I brought a whole bunch of books, too. The news out of NYC sounds like everything is shut down and I sort of wish I were there to see all the fancy department stores with their windows boarded up. It also sounds like the mass transit may not be back up on Monday, so I don’t feel bad about the fact that I was sort of expecting I might not be able to get into work.

Love to everyone! I have my phone and my mother’s iPad well-charged so if the electric goes down and we need to get a message out, we’ll figure it out.

I leave you with my pre-hurricane breakfast:

ETA: If you are in New York and can volunteer, here are some ways to help via an email from Assemblyman Paul Newell:

2) The Mayor’s Office is looking for volunteers to staff the evacuation/hurricane centers at Seward Park HS (Grand St. & Ludlow St) and Baruch College (E. 24th St. & Lexington). They are asking for any willing volunteers that live in these areas to please help out if they can. Any hours today would be greatly appreciated. Overnight staffers are particularly important. Anyone interested in helping during this difficult time, please contact Leland M. Dyer at 347-844-3309 or via email at LDYER@CITYHALL.NYC.GOV.

3) The city needs volunteers (preferably in four hour shifts) from now through Monday. They would be especially grateful to those willing to volunteer for the Sunday shifts. The 311 facility is located on Maiden Lane and Williams street in Lower Manhattan and the 311 staff will provide training. If you can volunteer, please email Christie Huus at You can also fill out the city’s volunteer form at

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cap, captain miss america

Cocktail Recipe: Goodnight Irene


Yesterday, I decided that I would make a drink tonight using Hurricane Rum, which comes from Triple 8 Distillers in MA. It seemed appropriate. I used some herbs we picked in preparation for the garden possibly getting destroyed, and some other things…and it was delicious! It was one of those times where, well, I have a sense of what I’m building before and during the production of a drink, but even so, I’m often pleasantly surprised by the outcome. This one was really good.


Cocktail Recipe: Goodnight Irene
Recipe Type: Cocktail
Author: Tea
Prep time: 5 mins
Total time: 5 mins
Serves: 1
I made a drink tonight with Hurricane Rum, in honor of the oncoming Hurricane Irene. Every now and then, I make something where I’m even impressed with how good it is,
  • 2 oz. Hurricane Rum
  • 10 leaves Vietnamese coriander
  • 3 blades lemongrass
  • 1/2 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth
  • 1/2 oz Cardamaro
  • 1/4 oz Snap Liqueur
  • 2 dashes Cocktail Kingdom Wormwood Bitters
  1. Put rum, coriander, and lemongrass in a shaker with ice. Muddle lightly.
  2. Add vermouth and Cardamaro, shake well
  3. Coat a chilled cocktail glass with Snap, pour off excess
  4. Pour drink into coated glass, add bitters

Hurricane Rum is a whiskey-barrel-aged rum from Massachusetts. If you can’t get it, use a darker, barrel-aged rum.
Vietnamese Coriander is not like regular coriander/cilantro. It has broad, flat leaves and a smoky flavor. I’d recommend leaving this out if you can’t get it.
Lemongrass is lemongrass and is pretty widely available.
Dolin’s is a French white vermouth. Any dry vermouth will do if you can’t get this.
Cardamaro is an amaro made with carduni. If you can’t get it, try a different amaro. It won’t be exactly the same but close. I’m thinking Averna or Ramazzotti would be fine, something sweeter and less herby.
I don’t think you’re going to be able to replicate Snap with anything else. You can buy it online here.
Cocktail Kingdom Wormwood Bitters can be purchased on the Cocktail Kingdom Website. If not, use whatever bitters you have available, although I would not recommend a fruit flavor.

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