March 9th, 2012

cap, captain miss america

A tale of marvelous serendipity, as told aboard a train.

As most of you know, I recently ordered this table:

Along with two other items. Last night, the tracking message from UPS said it would be delivered sometime during the day. Now, since I live in an apartment building that does not have a place or person to hold packages, and I work regular business hours, I would normally leave the UPS delivery person a note telling them to leave the package for me, knowing I would get it in the evening. But since I was going to CT for the weekend, I couldn’t let a large package sit around in an insecure area, especially since there was recently a burglary in my building.

No, UPS will let you schedule a delivery, but only after they leave you a slip. So I thought I would go home at lunch and see if the slip was there yet.

I got onto my street. There, a block away from my building, in all its brown glory, sat the UPS truck. And the delivery man was on the sidewalk, right in my path.

I stopped him, hopefully, and asked if he’d had any deliveries for the next block up. He said yes, but that he was delivering them later that afternoon. I told him that one of them was mine, and I wouldn’t be home, and would he mind writing me out a slip for me?

He did one better, asked me for my ID, and lugged my box out of the truck!

Talk about perfect timing. I carried the box home and opened it to discover my table, ready to be assembled. I can’t wait until Sunday night when I will get to put it together.

Seriously, best timing ever. It was like magic.

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