February 3rd, 2013

cap, captain miss america

Tech Issues and Top 5

So, I am not crazy about doing this, but since so many of my friends have been having problems with LJ (and I have, too), I feel like it's better to be posting from Dreamwidth so everyone can see my posts and comment back.

I still will be using LJ as my primary home, but from a technical ease perspective, this seems to be the best solution. I'd of course prefer comments on LJ (since I don't like to split conversations), but Dreamwidth is acceptable, too, if you can't get LJ to work.

You can add me on Dreamwidth at [personal profile] teaberryblue

And now some Top 5 lists:

Breeds of Chicken

All chickens are wonderful but these are my favorites:

1) Araucana (These are the ones that lay green eggs!)
2) Chantecler
3) Rhode Island (this is what I have!)
4) Wyandotte
5) Orpington

Top 5 Things I Love About Myself

1) My imagination
2) My ability to love almost everything and everyone around me
3) My curiosity
4) My resilience
5) My ability to parse situations rationally

Top 5 Animals I Would Like to Wear As Hats

1) Bees
2) Bunnies
3) Chickens
4) Fennecs
5) Unicorns

Top 5 Musicals You Would Like to Recast with People from Your Life

1) Into The Woods
2) Gypsy
3) Cabaret
4) Victor/Victoria
5) Chess

Top 5 TV Episodes

1) White Tulip Episode of Fringe
2) Citizen Max Episode of Tiny Toons
3) The first Lodge Episode of Twin Peaks
4) The "Shut the Door, Have a Seat" episode of Mad Men
5) The first Numbers episode of LOST

Top Places You Haven't Visited But Want To

1) The Ice Hotel
2) Prague
3) Antarctica
4) The Port Royale excavation site
5) The Sanya Nanchan Treehouse