April 20th, 2013

cap, captain miss america


I have been having more dreams that are actually about me lately, as opposed to the kind of weird cinematic dreams I often have that are about fictional people.

The dream I had last night was about work. We were signing a cartoonist for a new development deal (which is what happens before a comic gets syndicated). He was a priest, named Justin, but his pen name was "Just" something. I forget his last name. His last name was in fact in the dream, because I remember looking at drafts of the promotional materials for the comic.

Anyway, he was a really attractive, young priest. He had dark, curly hair and green eyes and stubble.

I was sitting with him and Brendan, and he said he'd had a good idea for another comic. Brendan was telling him that getting involved in a second project while he was working on his first one was a bad idea. Justin said he knew that, but he felt like he could handle the art responsibilities for the second project if he had someone to write it, and he asked me if I would write the scripts for it, and I was like, um, YES.

And then somehow this devolved into me making out with a young, hot priest and waking up disappointed that that didn't really happen. I was disappointed with the lack of making out with a young, hot priest, the fact that I don't think the young, hot priest exists at all because he was also super funny and super talented, and finally, the fact that no one had actually asked me to write their comic. But that is okay. It was still a pretty cool dream. A++ would dream again.