June 26th, 2013

cap, captain miss america


I went to bed a little after 12:30 last night. I was home sick from work, and I usually go to bed at 1, but I wanted to get a little extra sleep.

Every time I start to doze off, my coughing wakes me up. If I stand up and walk around, I stop coughing quite so much, but that doesn't help with sleeping, for obvious reasons, as I am not a practiced somnambulist.

I am exhausted. My eyes hurt. I am dehydrated like crazy and can't drink enough to put that back into balance. I think I need to go get some water with electrolytes.

I'm making myself soup because I don't know what else to do. I'm already taking allergy meds, nasal steroids, cough syrup (which usually knocks me out cold), naproxen sodium, my inhaler, and chloroseptic. I got up at about 5 and took a quick shower, hoping the vapor would help. I've got vapor rub on my chest.

The more I cough, and the more tired I get, the weaker I get, and the worse the coughing gets.

None of the usual tricks are working. I'm not really sure what else to try. All I know is that I really, really want to sleep, want to stop coughing, have been to two doctors who have basically said I'm doing everything right and there's not really anything else to do.

I just emailed my boss and told him I probably shouldn't come to work today, but part of me is like, ugh, I can't sleep, I might as well be productive. I might try to do some work now, but I really don't want to fuck up my sleep schedule.

Hate, hate hate. I've been up till three or four coughing before, but I've never had it this bad.