July 2nd, 2013

cap, captain miss america

Little update

1) [profile] lilycobalt and I put in an application on an apartment yesterday. It's for a 2-bedroom place a block from Prospect Park. It's huge and beautiful and has a dishwasher. Much further commute to work for me, but much shorter commute to Ward III and a very short walk to Ample Hills and Citibike stations. I guess I know where my priorities are? I'm a little ehh about the commute but very excited about the rest of it. I'll miss my giant one-bedroom in Queens but I won't miss huge long train trips late at night from Brooklyn. I'm also going to be very close to [personal profile] rosefox and [personal profile] xtina

2) I'm really sick. I'm not...dysfunctional, per se, but my lungs are full of this thick green stuff. I've been told it's viral and the best thing to do is just wait it out and rest, but it's gross and I'm essentially drowning a tiny bit all the time. Going to see specialists next week, yay?

3) [profile] emo_snal is going to be here at the end of the week into next week and I am going to hug him so hard.

4) My cousin Kyle is getting married on Saturday so I will be out of town for the wedding.

5) I'm in love with Citibike. I built swivel mounts that fit onto the bike frames for water pistols and bubble guns. I rode a Citibike home at midnight last night, when I found out that the R train wasn't running uptown. Drunk. On nearly-empty Manhattan streets, up from Tribeca to Union Square where I got on a 6 and then a 7. It was amazing and full of lights and magic.

I have all these ideas about creating community around citibike. Also, I made these icons right here: https://sites.google.com/site/citibikestats/timeline I did not do the coding. Just the icons. I made some bigger bikes, too.

6) I'm getting another tattoo. Sometime soon. Just have to figure out where I want to get it.

7) My lungs are full of goo and it's making it hard to remember what else I wanted to say. Love you all! <3