September 9th, 2013


Magic magic magic

On the way home from lunch, I worked out the chords to a song I wrote when I was fifteen.

FIFTEEN. It was the first song I wrote that I was really proud of. And I never had a way to play it. And now I can play it. Or will be able to with practice.

Songs I wrote that I can play now:

The Sea Song
Grand Central Circus
I Love You
Brazen Angels

Ones I haven't recorded yet, but know the chords:

4 & 20

Ones I am close to having the chords for:

Don't Be Cruel (Yes, it's a response to the Elvis Presley song of the same name)

That's ten songs. Ten songs I've written over a twenty year period that I couldn't play before now.

Ones I want to work on:

Coffeeshop Boyfriend
Hot Potato
Immovable Object
Perfect Like The Sun
Bianca Never

So anyway, here's a link to the very very very old archive of song lyrics I wrote a long time ago:

I'm a little...hesitant to show them around. A lot of them are bad, angsty things I wrote in my college days. But if any of you particularly like any of the lyrics, I will try to learn music for them.

Oh my god I am so in love with this thing.