September 19th, 2013


Creative stuff

Still writing the Massive Avengers Fanfiction of Doom.

It's kind of wild, because I've never done anything like this before, it's up to almost 30k words, and it just keeps writing itself. Details I planted earlier in the story are coming back to haunt the characters as if I planned it, and I totally didn't. I know what happens for the next couple years' worth of letters, at least. It's grown into a fanfic not just about Tony Stark, but also about Polybius (which, if you don't know about it, is one of the greatest hoaxes of all time), and the two somehow mesh perfectly. Alcoholism and fuel cell technology have crossover threads that work perfectly in ways that I couldn't have planned out better if I'd tried.

I don't write like this, usually. This feels a lot more like roleplay than like writing, which is perhaps why I'm being so prolific with it. Usually, I have to plan everything painstakingly, and it still doesn't make a load of sense. This just works, so neatly, and I don't know how that happened. I keep wanting to write so I can find out what happens next.

rainy_day and I are planning on doing a series of letters together, and I'm super excited about that.

Another thing that's happened: I know I've told many of you about my incredibly atypical dreamlife. I have always had dreams that come together like fully-formed narrative stories, that I am rarely a participant in. Over the last year or so, I really haven't had many of those dreams. I've had very normal, mundane, often nonsensical dreams that I think are the kind of dreams most people usually have.

Monday night, I had a dream that was like my old dreams. It took place in a Medievalish fantasy setting, and opened with a lady and her two servants in a coach, returning to her birthplace. She was in disguise, because her own family had been ousted and their lands taken over by a new lord.

The lord welcomed her as a guest, not aware that she was the heir to the family he'd overthrown, and his favorite dog immediately took to her with a lot of affection. The one person who recognized her was his personal guard, who had been her childhood friend. He confronted her in secret and asked why she'd returned, and she told him that it was to find some scrolls that contained part of a magic spell she needed to complete her training as a sorcerer.

The lord, meanwhile, tells her that she's welcome at his house, and may sleep in any bed but the one set aside for the king's visits. He says that there is only one member of his household who has the privilege of sleeping in that bed.

She sneaks into the libraries to search for the scroll she needs, and thinks she's been caught, but her guard friend reveals himself and holds out the scroll she's been looking for-- and confesses that he's been in love with her since childhood. She's not sure what to do with that information. He shrugs it off, and tells her to think about it, and that if his affections are returned, she can find him that night, guarding the most important member of the house.

She goes to dinner with the lord, who feeds his favorite dog under the table throughout the meal. While they are talking, thinks fondly on her memories of the guard. She's not entirely sure what she wants from him, but she decides to find him anyway. When he's not at the door to the lord's bedchamber, she goes on a hunt, until she realizes that the most important member of the house must be the same person permitted to sleep in the room reserved for the king. So, she seeks out that room. It's unguarded, from the outside. She pushes the door open and finds the guard dozing on the floor...and the lord's favorite dog in the bed.

And that is when I woke up! Seriously. On that punchline!