September 23rd, 2013


I am in love with this stupid writing.

Dear Captain America actually has some actual plot. I'm discovering interesting things I hadn't ever thought about in re: writing before. Like that just because you can encrypt passages to make them as realistically difficult to decrypt as something a 12-year-old mathematical supergenius might doesn't mean you SHOULD when you have an audience. Especially an impatient audience. But the flipside of that is that I am pretty sure I can do a bangup encryption job if I ever actually need to. I'm also learning some of the limitations for writing plot-heavy one-sided epistolary fiction (it's easy to write suspense and cliffhangers, but if you want your readers to actually know what is going on, you'll eventually have to write some kind of exposition-heavy bit.)

rainy_day and I also started another fic, which I'm pleased by, because Dear Captain America is something that requires a lot of research and thinking even when it's not mired in heavy plot, and this is light and fun and letting me draw cartoons occasionally. Plus, it takes place a block from my office, so I can just refer to locations in a neighborhood I know very well. 1796 Broadway. This is MORE Avengers epistolary fiction, but rainy_day is writing for Tony Stark, and I'm writing for Steve Rogers.

They're both getting a really good reception, or it seems like it at least, since this isn't something I've really done before. 1796 Broadway (and yes, that's a not to 84 Charing Cross Road) seems to be getting an even better reception than DCA is getting, which is pretty neat.

So, that's a thing that is fun. rainy_day is awesome.

I also spent the weekend with justatailor in Connecticut at my parents'. We went to the Big E and ate all the things, and then pretty much vegged out on Sunday and ate more of the things. I made maple walnut gelato. It was a good, fun weekend and I was really happy that justatailor got to see the barn!

Gonna go to whiskey tonight, and then tomorrow we get the first episode of Agents of SHIELD, and I am probably going to go watch it on a big screen! So excitement.

<3 <3 <3