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yeah, so i, uhh, meant to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and all...
cap, captain miss america

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I do that. "I think I will lie down now and get in atleast 8 hours of sleep, oh no, insperation!"

Cute picture, as always. :)

jesus christ seeing the time that this was posted makes me CRY!!!!!!

Heh. I went to bed around that time, and I was merely working on KiSS. Yay for creativity-induced insomnia!! They should make thought-stopping pills. Perhaps I would get a decent night's sleep sometime.

I told you I like the pic. :P Very cute.

the pic...or the sentiments expressed in the pic? :P

Both cute. I like squishy cute fluff. I'm not a rabid slasher. :P

so cute.


jenny is like my age in that picture! dude! I'm not middle aged!

Aaah. I was thinking it was in-game.

And I was trying out a new SEX.

Squee! For some reason, I love the fingers.

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