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today's headache

is in my upper left eyebrow and the two soft spots where my neck meets my head and the back of my skull.

i am less stressed out; i had less work to do today, but still functionally a malcontent. mikey started school and i am madly jealous. i want to be able to go back to school; i miss school dreadfully and while i didn't have time to do everything i liked to do on my own time, i had more time, and i always enjoyed my work, which was always varied & could always be perceived as a new challenge every day. i *liked* crying over my schoolwork. not so for workwork.

i keep regretting the summer i spent after college just chilling out. i could have done so many productive things. i took a class and wrote a comic book and a picture book and a bunch of song lyrics and made a couple of KiSS sets, now that i think of it. and i painted a whole bunch of paintings. so that's something. but i feel like if i had that time now, i would be doing doubletime or something. but i guess at the time i was totally burnt out. and just as i was starting to be unburnt, i got a job. i guess that means that if i do take some time to do tea-stuff, i would have to go through a period of unwind again. yesh. what a waste.

i'm kind of bitter; everyone else i know in RL got way more chill-out time than i did. and none of them did anything constructive with it whatsoever. maybe they did things that were constructive for them, i guess. i dunno.

i'm always so sleepy. i force myself to stay up to work on my stuff because otherwise i would never get anything interesting or fun done; even so, at this rate, i won't have another KiSS set done till february. i am almost done with a june costume for the smashing pumpkins doll, and i started a small project today that should be simple but interesting...a little experiment in color cycling; we shall see.

tea's KiSS to-do list
1)SP set
3)valentine project
4)my color-cycling doll; i think she will be called mixie or moxie. we'll see.
5)re-start momo
6)an herbal for a plague year. this is my next story-intensive doll and it's going to be of a young girl raised in caves in france during the black death. i am just having trouble right now with historicity and how far-fetched the story will be. i want her to have an executioner's costume, for example, and all the items connected to plague-superstitions, like a venetian doctor's beak and a red kerchief. also obviously she will have boot-black makeup to fake the death to keep strangers away. i was also thinking that the black death first struck about 30 years after the massacre of the templars and i was thinking maybe she would live in a secret underground hideout with a small group of escaped templars so she could have cool templars costumes. okay, enough of that one
7) fredje needs to be re-started, she needs to be more punk. fredje is a very old character of mine who is the first woman trainee of her city's police force (this is a sort of renaissance-styled fictional world) and the inheritor of the identity of a vigilante killer sworn to protect the king. oh, and she's in love with her fiance's father. who is also the second in command of the police force that she is secretly trying to bring down because the commander is trying to kill the king. but besides her uniform, costume, and wedding dress, i can't think of interesting clothes for her just now, and the version of her i started is too docile and buxom.

what else? i was thinking about doing another pinup, maybe josephine baker?

whatever, my wrist hurts.
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