tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Chinese Newspaper

oh my god.

so i'm going through all these papers from when i was a kid and trying to figure out what to keep and what to throw out and i found

Chinese Newspaper
Written at age 15

Bring me fish.
Bring me taro.
Bring me squid.
Do it quickly
or you shall be
a live sacrifice
To the God of the
Misty Mountain
Where I ski
In the summer
Only because
it's in the Southern Hemisphere.
It's HOT there in the summer.
It's cold then.
And it snows.
Snow tastes good with sugar.
Sweet, brown sugar.
But beans taste better.
Refried Beans.

My shoelace is blue.
Because I want it to be.
Mind over matter,
my shoelace is blue.

I read a Chinese newspaper
Like the chicken, who crossed the road.
The truck ran him over.
I'm sure that's what I heard.

Ice is slippery at thirty degrees,
but not at ten.

At ten, I watch the news.
And I heard all about how the world is falling apart.
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