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miss mikey
cap, captain miss america
very sad, mikey will be not at home three days of the week when i get home from work. i am very sad. very sad. i miss mikey too much.

who will carry my coffee beans to the roasting facility?

no, seriously, i don't know how i am going to survive a whole year of work all day and no mikey in the evening. i like to think i am self-sufficient but at the rate things are going, i am way too tired to do anything when i get home from work in the evenings. like, brain dead. if i were working either fewer hours or a less demanding job i might be able to handle it; i was okay to get stuff done on my own last year when i worked at woof/playgirl, despite the fact that the latter of those jobs sucked my booties. i dunno. i feel like i'm being slowly decimated.

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It's hard to feel self-sufficient after a long and tiring day, which you seem to have tons of... it sounds like you get lots of headaches, and I know just how not very able I feel when I'm physically unwell. It sounds like a high pressure job you have there. Why won't Mikey be home then? Something to do with him being back in school?

i'm okay, i'm just glum and overworked. and i get chronic headaches and i haven't been eating properly lately to prevent them because i've been sleepy so i've been drinking coke to be unsleepy and then it doesn't work to get rid of the headache.

my days are about nine hours usually, with no lonch break, i eat while i work, but last week i worked more than that every day, and two days i worked sixteen hours, and i worked on saturday too. my job is pretty good and i like most of the people i work with. it used to be awesome; there were only eight of us and we all worked on everything and sometimes it was stressful but it was really fun, and now it's still stressful but less fun. i never know what is going on and i don't get to be involved in as much and i don't feel like i am learning anything anymore.

mikey's classes are all night classes. i work ten til seven or seven thirty and mikey's classes are all from 4 till ten. except one, fortunately he switched one of them today to a five-to-seven course, so he will be home at eight on thursdays. that will make it better. next fall he will have to student teach as well.

i just need to figure out what the hell i want to do with my life. i sure as heck don't want an office job; i have figured that out. here i am with a great office job and i am still pretty unhappy. i might go back to school and maybe learn to be an art teacher; i think that would be awesome. the other thing i think i might be good at is a high school guidance counselor, except they all suck and i don't want to be identified with them. i would rather get to do art with little kids all day. what i would really rather do is write, but if i want to write, i have to finish something, and that means not working for a spell. that won't really be an option until mikey has a job, though...


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