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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
yo, we're back but our flight was four hours delayed so we're zonked and heading off to dreamland.

sara has informed me that she no longer loves any of you and therefore will not be on the computer for another four months.

i, however, will continue to love you all given sizeable donations.

sara has changed her mind and wishes to express her interest in sizeable donations as well.

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do you take donations of peanut butter cookies?

I hope you accept donations in OCC printer cards with about $.20 on them.


I have no sizable donations. But I do have your birthday present. And if you don't love me anymore I'll cry.


You should both continue to love me, without sizable donations, because my apartment is uninhabitable, and may be uninhabitable until well after I'm supposed to have started school and work.

welcome back, you two!

and sizeable is relative. large in my case would be the size of your standard sheet of computer paper.

Welcome back!

As for donations...um, we have lots and lots of blueberries in the fridge. I also have a surplus of origami bunnies.

Do you accept donations in covers of songs by... by... um... say, what have you been listening to lately?


I hope you had fun in Italy. Tsk tsk, Sara shouldn't say things like that... :P

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