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yay! new dollie!
cap, captain miss america
new dollie. she's very small, more of a concept thing. check it out!

my KiSS site!

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Ahh, she's really cute! I want to download her as soon as I got back from my movie and I'm really impressed. A really cool spin on an old idea (although not an idea that's ever been used in dolls before). Makes me wish Kimiki had added an option like that for her scribbly doll. Very very cute, very very fun...as always your ability to add new ideas to kiss impresses me, Tea ^_-

thank you! i'm glad you like her; she was really just a little thing i did this weekend, i doodled her at world and decided she needed to be a doll, and then when i came up with the coloring thing i got really excited and had to do it right away! it was fun. it was also nice to do a KiSS set in a couple days; i haven't done that since the miniminimongo doll, which i did in a day.


I liked the concept, and I think it was very well done. The girl was cute!
The only thing I didn't like was that when I went to colour the sun and the flower, they were all one colour. I wanted to colour the centre and the petals differently, but I can see how that would mean a lot of extra coding.
Cute cute cute.

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