tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Okay, so, waiting on new tv table and new bookshelves which should be delivered (LISTEN UP UPS) any day now, and then I will be able to unpack the rest of my crap.

Stuff left to do:

1) bring chips to paint store because my FUCKING PAIN IN THE ASS PAINT TRIM IS NOT ALL THE SAME SHADE OF WHITE. i went there this morning and they don't sell off-white shades by the quart, only by the gallon, so i was like, agh. anyway, will do tomorrow, i guess. i don't really need to repaint everything, just the nasty ass places where putting a damp paper towel lightens everything because THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED HERE BEFORE ME WERE FUCKING SLOBS.

okay. now that i've gotten that out of my system

2) unpack clothes in plastic bags. i really have too many clothes, i don't have space for them all in my drawers, and i don't really want to haveto buy another set of drawers.

3) oh, use the paint mentioned in #1

4) unpack books and videos. this is waiting for the abovementioned furniture to come.

5) unpack various and sundry toys.

6) put up paper lamps

i ordered pretty stripey curtains for my kitchen today. i still need a couple more lamps for the living room and i *will* buy haruspexy a beanbag chair because i know she wants one, as soon as i find one in a color that matches the living room (i saw fuschia ones today for $15, but they would look kind of bright). i'm also looking for the following:

--an area rug for my bedroom in bright yellow or spring green
--an area rug for my living room in light purple or turquoise
--small (about 5 inches in diameter at the most) lampshades, one facing up, one facing down, for my bathroom lamps.

i've been having loads of trouble finding ones of these affordably online (i don't have a car, so carrying area rugs is out of the question. every store i've gone to to find lampshades has been useless, no one seems to sell lampshades separate from the lamps anymore. i'm looking to spend less than $40 each.
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