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i am having the worst fucking day with deliveries.

i opened my bookshelves from target and they were SHATTERED, so i called target, and they're sending me new ones at no extra charge, but i have to be around for UPS to come pick them up.

so then my kitchen curtains came in, and they're FUCKING STAINED. and visibly, too, like a quarter-sized GREEN SPOT.


and jcpenneys is a bunch of jackasses, fyi, because they told me that not only would i have to sit around for UPS to come, but they're CHARGING ME to send out new curtains when THEY sent me something broken and i'm just kind of fucking pissed and i'm sorry, haruspexy, i was going to order your beanbag from there but now i have to rethink that. they've unfortunately got the nicest cheap ones but their customer service was bitchy as hell.


however, i did pop in pier one and they had rugs on sale for $20 so now i have rugs! whee! they're a little on the small side (3'x5') but they're fine for now and they were cheap enough that i don't mind. one blue for the living room, one green for the bedroom.

i'm also having issues hanging my japanese lanterns in my bedroom because apparently the screws i bought don't work in plaster and the only way to hang something in the ceiling is to buy a drill and use swag hooks, which i can't doo, seeing as i can barely reach the ceiling while standing on my radiator. going to try something else now.

blah blah blah blah
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