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the boy with the bar.
cap, captain miss america
so i had this dream that there were there "special" (read:freakshow) kids who manifested certain kinds of powers at birth (mostly psychic stuff) and who had to be turned over to the government at the first sign of psychic abilities. not to do anything in particular with them, but because someone had determined that people like this would make society too confusing for normal people and that everyone, the freaky kids and the normal people, needed to be protected.

anyhow, there was this guy named Hess who would kidnap kids from the government, raise them, and train them to do circus sideshow type acts. he wasn't the typical evil sideshow ringmaster type, either, he was this nice, heavy-set, laid-back old guy who felt bad for the kids and would try to raise five or six of them at a time to do different types of circus acts. he would take them between the ages of about 4 and 7 because, get this, between about 7-9 these kids would go through a kind of "first puberty" where they would develop some kind of physical manifestation of their freakishness. for example, there was a little girl named gloria with wings; i think there was a seal kid-- most of the kids' physical differences were similar to animals. anyway, one day gloria shouts "mister hess! mister hess!" and hess comes over to see what it is, and she points to timmy, one of the little boys who had, apparently, just changed, and says, "timmy's grown a bar!" and so he had-- he had a steel bar about as long as he was tall protruding from either side of him, as if it were thrust through his middle.

so then hess was trying to figure out exactly what timmy could do with a bar coming out of his torso, and they were testing it for different things-- like seeing if he could feel peopel touching the ends of it (he couldn't). anyway, then the people upstairs started walking around like elephants and woke me up, so i never did get to see what became of timmy and his bar.

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timmy and his bar reminds me a bit of the smiths song 'the boy with the thorn in his side'.

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