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cap, captain miss america
the illustrated story of the best day ever.

Aye, our crew raided the park for vittles and rum.

The crew be lookin' to sign a new parrot!

(haruspexy, we took a picture of the conure just for you)

Arr, but they be pinker'n the divvil's underbelly.

Avast, Matey! We be ridin' our faithful playpus!

Them be long-necked lubbers.

Thar be time for a group photo.

I ride my faithful steed! Fly, me pretty! I mean, pupate, me pretty!

liret be a fine lookout.

Arr, but when we dig up yon buried treasure, we be findin' bones of the fire lizards!

Aye, but he looks like he be wantin' to take a bit out of 'em folks yonder.

Arr, this be an abandoned castle.


I be fixin' me peepers on a capybara to ride!

Arr, but the camera be blurry! 'Tis a monkey's uncle!

We were like the top attaction at the zoo! All these people kept telling their kids to go say hi to the pirates; I think some of them thought we worked there.

On our way out of the zoo, this guy stopped us and told us he was looking for a swashbucklin' woman.

We left the zoo and went to JP and walked around town. First this chick from the UU church stopped us and gushed at our costumes and told us she had a pirate painted on her truck and she found her boyfriend and made him tell us where he'd parked the truck so we could go look. Then a fireman sitting outside the firehouse stopped us and started chatting with us and then like the entire firehouse came out to talk to us so we hung out with the firemen and got to meet the chief and stuff.

Then we left and went out in Harvard Square. Sadly, we got less attention in Harvard but we think that may be the competition from the buskers combined with the fact that it was very dark out.

liret can fill in on anything I forgot. Unfortunately then we went out for pizza and it triggered my stupid recurring nausea so now I'm trying to keep myself from being seasick.

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You guys have the most fantastic outings. <3

Yeah, we're like Mary Poppins with rum!

Ahahaha, you guys are the epitome of cool. :D

*cracking up* you guys ROCK.

Glad yall had fun! You must never be bored easily.

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