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i changed my quiz!
cap, captain miss america
i want to go through and give everyone the right answers and poke fun at rick for picking bananas because *he* likes bananas and was projecting even though they make me vomit, but i can't because my email is down. but i made a kind of trivia quiz.

tea's KiSS doll trivia

try it.

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Bananas are god, you're crazy :)

Tea, it wants me to download something. Is that supposed to happen?

it's the same-o place-o we made the other quizzy-os.


it's being mean to tasha too. and blackhawk could never get on to take my quiz. that site is poopy now.


No worries... it's working now.

I loved your quiz! Though I did rather poorly... would you be bothered if I made a quiz like it, only about me instead of you? I want to know how much people know about my dollies.

not at all, it was fun to do...and there were lots of different kinds of questions to ask! at first i just wanted to do questions about the characters, but i realized that might be really hard-- some of the characters are VERY complicated! so i did one about lots of different things. go right ahead and tell me when you finish it!


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