tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

yay for class!

okay, so, as promised, a description of how much class sucked.

so i went in and there were all these picture books laid out and i looked at them, very exciting,yes?

it was cool.

then the rest of the students walked in.

the next youngest student was about 40.

the other students were all retirees who apparently wanted to write picture books to give to their grandchildren, mostly because they were uncomfortable with the material in a lot of children's books today. i got to hear a lot of chit chat before the class from disapproving grandparents.

then we got our syllabus, which looked kind of cool. there was a whole day devoted to trickster stories.

then the instructor started giving her little speech. the little speech involved phrases like, "i hate grading people, and i hate criticism, and i want this class to be a safe place where we can all share with each other without being afraid of other people's opinions."

yup. this being said to the girl who gets weirded out by unmixed praise did not go over so well.

Then we get to play the "introduction game." For those of you who never went to kindergarten, this is where you get paired up with a "buddy" and introduce yourself to them. Then your buddy introduces you to the rest of the class.

sooo then she tells us that the first half of the class is going to be lecture, and the second half of the class is going to be writing and illustration activities.

she starts the lecture. the lecture included quite a few historical gems like "in Ancient Greece, the daddies got to decide which babies lives and which babies died, and the mommies didn't have a choice." And then we got up to the 19th century, at which point we got to see a slide of the TOC of a McGuffey's reader. The instructor reads some of the titles out loud, then gets to one where she says, "I've never read it, but I would assume it's about blah, blah, blah."

Then we had our break. I almost left then but I felt really bad taking my coat and walking out. So I went to the computer kiosk and was going to leave a message to tell you all how bad it was, and the computer quit out of IE, so no dice.

I went back to acitivity section of class. NOW we got to pull out out construction paper and scissors and glue and make cutout illustrations from famous fairy tales.

Here's MINE!


next week's homework assignment? bring in a picture book that has no words in it for SHOW AND TELL.


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