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Response to Debate #1
cap, captain miss america
The results are blinded so if you don't want your friends/mom/whoever to find out who you're voting for, you're safe.

Poll #359143 Voting

I'm Voting For:

Iraq-- I mean Saddam Hussei-- I mean, Bin Laden!
You Forgot Poland!

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Did you get the feeling that Bush had to be coached not to call our allies "the Polacks"?

man, all the polish people I've ever met were total assholes, too.

Re: i fuond it!!!1!1!!

I just find it dreadfully ironic that Bush got so offended by Polish jokes.

Re: i fuond it!!!1!1!!

One of my friends is half-Polish! Her name is Alina, but her relatives nickname her Alinka. It's so cute.

Wait... are the red spots where the WMD is?????

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