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On Writing-- Transitions

One thing that I have discovered is definitely my weakness in writing is transitional scenes-- scenes that get the characters from one scene that I am excited about writing to another scene that I am excited about writing. These aren't always travelling scenes, or moving scenes, but the scenes where the goal for the scene is to get the characters to want to do the thing that will set up the next scene. Scenes where characters need to change their minds about something, scenes where characters need to become motivated so that they have the motivation for the next scene.

I find that a lot of the time, I wind up either skipping these scenes, which feels herky-jerky to me, or overwriting them in my attempt to make them seem more interesting. I try to use these scenes to get out the peripheral information that I don't want to clutter up the action scenes-- things like description, mood, setting, little facts or details that will become important later, or little facts or details that won't become important at all but that I think are kind of neat and which I would like to convey to the reader.

Can anyone think of some writers who you feel are exceptionally good at writing transitional scenes so that it doesn't just feel as if you are reading transition?

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