tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Two Dreams

So I had two really detailed dreams last night.

In the first, I was hiking somewhere in England with my family. It was a place called the Valley of Doors, a place where a quarry had meant that for centuries, all the buildings in the area, from hovels to manors, had been built out of a white stone similar to marble, and now, some time after the last inhabitants had left the valley, all the homes were still in relatively pristine condition, many of them dug into the sides of the hills that surrounded the valley, some of them free-standing-- all of them completely empty. The mystery of the Valley of Doors was that, despite no rumors of haunting, no one attempted to live in the abandoned homes-- not squatters or derelicts or even campers.

On a short plateau on one of the hills was a swampy pond shaped like a U. I fell into it, and saw a large snake lurking under the water. I tried to get out, but when I moved quickly, the snake bit me and I fell back in. I didn't really feel the effects of any venom, but I didn't want to get bit again, so I wound up in a sort of impasse with the snake, where when I wasn't moving, it couldn't see me, but I couldn't leave the water. Then a loud sound outside woke me up.

I tried to go back to sleep and see if I could get back to the Valley of doors, but I ended up at a family reunion of sorts. It was boring, so I went to the basement, and discovered ineffablecow playing chess with a redhaired boy named Will. I think he was semi-based on someone I went to college with, but much cuter.

They offered to let me play chess with the winner, but, then both recalled that I suck at chess.

Then Will and I went to the park, and I had my laptop with me and he offered to hook it up so I could go online while sitting under a tree. He accidentally hooked the power cable up to the hose, though, so it was lucky no one turned the water on, or I, through some modern miracle in which my unplugged power cord could do so, would have been electrocuted.

Anyway, this somehow led to me and Will getting married and going back to my high school AP Euro class, where people were giving us antique crocheted baby clothes for the wedding, even though I hadn't told my parents yet that we'd gotten married.
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