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yay kitty!
cap, captain miss america
My kitty has come to live with me!

My parents brought him up. He wasn't happy at their new place, so now he's in my apartment to try it out!

I've been informed that girldrowning wanted to see pictures so I posted them here so everyone can see.

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I love peaches n' cream tabbys!

And such a proper name! Every cat should have a full name. And perhaps a roman numeral at the end when appropriate.

wait a minute. Isn't Johnathan Harker a character from Dracula?

Eeee! He looks almost exactly like my cat Saffron. Except male and Saffron's skinny-skinny. So cute!

Awwww in that first picture he looks like my kitty Larry. Except not nearly as fat.

Oooh, Harker! How is he adjusting to being an indoor kitty?

What a fetching name for a kitty. :D
I'm convinced that all animals should have people-names. Literary people-names are even better!

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