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pls. remind all the legal voters you know.
cap, captain miss america

especially if they:

--aren't active internet users (and thus aren't already getting bombarded.)
--live in a swing state
--live in a state with a close election for a seat in congress

even if you live in a state where the election isn't hotly contested, it's important to remember to vote just because flicking the little button or filling in the bubble makes you feel like a valuable member of society.

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Don't forget all the illegal voters in Illinois! Living *and* dead.

(Hey, it worked for the other JFK.)

That's more Chicago area tho... :< Having grown up in IL I still tend to think of Chicago as some sort of sarcastic emerald city that really has no bearing on the rest of reality... XD

We have the same phenomenon with greater NYC and the rest of the state... "Upstate" is like a different country. And "New Yorker" inevitably brings up the NYC stereotype everywhere else in the country. (Hey, does the "FIB" label apply more to Chicagoans or to those outside the city?)

Considering I have no ida what that means... I guess it's just Chicago. XD I lived an hour into IL from St Louis my whole life... and I hadn't even BEEN to Chicago till I was a sophmore in college.

"FIB" stands for Adjective Illinois Nouns. My boss from Indiana was fond of the term... come to think of it, he did live in Chicago for a while....

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