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coffee, damnfine

7th inning

The Lunar Eclipse

8th inning

The crowd getting ready to party-- potential jinxing!

9th inning!

2 outs to go!

1 out to go!


On the street!

Walking to Harvard

Harvard Square

Yankee Hater

The Harvard Band gets their party on


Some guy brought his trumpet-- and dressed in tux with tie and tails!

That rocked so much, that was the coolest thing ever.

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Call me a traitor if you will... but I think the Sox deserved to win. I'm a native to the STL area and we just don't get this excited about winning stuff. We cheer, we drink, we go home and get to bed by a decent time anyway. X3

I'm glad you guys had fun!

By the way, I like your hair color. I saw a girl with pink hair at my school the other day...

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