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On the Election

Okay, haruspexy and I spoke about this last night, and since she got up earlier than me, she posted about it first, and for the most part, I don't want to rehash everything she said because I agree with essentially everything she said.

But I do want to post about it anyhow, considering that I'd rather say my piece than read the rest of my friends' list at the moment.

Yes, I voted for Kerry. I don't agree with everything he said, but honestly, I don't believe I will see a major party candidate in my lifetime who will agree with me. As poor a president as I think Bush is, I am kind of sick of hearing gay marriage boiled down to "marriage is between a man and a woman, but..." and abortion called "the right to choose," and until there's a candidate up there who can eloquently describe the difference between the religious insitution of marriage and the right of a consenting adult to enter into a legal partnership with another person AND talk unabashedly about abortion in strictly clinical terms, who insists on an increase in taxes to improve educational facilities and health care-- OR who can form a plan to successfully and cheaply privatize healthcare while assuring that the vast majority of the population will have access to it, I won't see a candidate who I'm going to be entirely happy with. And honestly, no one like that is ever going to win the presidency of the US.

Does this mean that I'm pissed off that Bush won? No. I mean, at least we didn't have any of this bullshit that we got last time around. I was pissed off about the way things were handled in 2000, by both sides. Kerry conceding was the smartest thing he could do.

The reasons it would have been nice for Kerry to win mainly have to do with the fact that it would have forced both parties to take a serious look at demographics that usually get neglected-- one of which is young voters, which I obviously give a shit about because I am one.

That being said, Kerry never got his campaign off the ground until the debates, and I would have been very impressed to see him win-- I was impressed by his strong showing nonetheless-- but I'm not surprised or shocked that he lost. A month ago I would never have expected that come election day there would be any real challenge for Bush.

As for the gay marriage shit that I know does mean something to some of you personally, guys, you have to think about it this way. It takes something like this to mobilize action. Gays have lived in far worse times, and we actually live in an era where, in many major cities, you can actually walk around holding hands or smooching. That's a major step forward, as much as it might not seem like it. Gays haven't been able to get married for, well, centuries. People who hurt gays, as bad as that is, can actually be, you know, PROSECUTED for it. That didn't happen a hundred years ago. There've been times where just being gay was enough to get you executed. The fact that a bunch of states now spell it out is only going to spur people to speak out even more vocally against it. Stupid laws wind up bringing about change even faster than individuals could change things on their own. This is going to force people to sit up and acknowledge the situation.

Oh, also:

--Bush doesn't want a fucking draft. The DoD doesn't want a draft. No one wants a draft. The draft bill was defeated 402-2. Please.

--People vote for Nader to make a statement, because they don't like the way politics work in this country. It's perfectly valid, and a real popular mandate wouldn't be threatened by a third-party candidate. Ever.

I know people feel cranky about this whole thing, but rather than bitching, think about what you can do to, you know, improve the world. How many of you take part in letter-writing campaigns, or make phonecalls? How many of you have actually taken part in a protest? How many of you do volunteer work? How many of you donate work hours or goods/services to charitable organizations? I admit, I only do the first two of these anymore, although I do still donate money to charitable causes with which I agree, but if I wanted to do more, I could, and I have done all of the above in the past. If the Democrats had bothered to put forward a candidate I could have gotten behind seriously, I would have done it again. I have nothing but admiration for the people who volunteer their time to work for any political campaign in which they believe, or for any other cause that means something to them. I guess that's my point. If you don't like the state of things, start doing something about it. Even if it's something little. At least maybe follow politics enough to know if you're making any sense, or to not be surprised by things that, well, aren't surprises. If you already do stuff about it, do more. If you don't do shit, bitching after the fact is not going to help a blessed soul.
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