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revenge of kitty
cap, captain miss america
So, haruspexy has been having problems with my cat. Namely, that I think he has a crush on her. Today he decided that he was clearly more important than her computer and positioned himself in such a way that she could not reach her keyboard.

When she kicked him off, his response was to starve us by sitting on top of our pizza.


haruspexy being the clever and resourceful young lady that she is, has now exacted her revenge upon the kitty cat by covering him in kleenex while he sleeps.

I have also been informed that I must tell you all that part of this revenge included poking the kitty until he responded.

Also, she WON.

Then the kitty got up and went to starve us again. He is continuing to starve us successfully.

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You forgot to mention the part where he kept beating my keyboard with his tail, then when I finally pushed him off of it, shifted his position so he could beat me in the face with his tail.

Cats can be silly!

I've heard plenty of stories where the cats block keyboards... My cat will jump on the table and lick my hands while I'm trying to type. I'll be wiping off my hands and trying to push away the cat but she keeps doing it until I put her on the floor.

(Deleted comment)
No. Do not love him. He is the evil demon cat.

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