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cap, captain miss america
I kick so much ass.

So I just wrote like 2500 words and made up for all the days behind I was from not writing on election day or the day after election day.

I also broke 200 pages, and will be breaking 80000 words by the end of the week.

In standard novelly format, that's 363 pages.

I've been working out a lot of little plot holes that needed to be fixed when I got to a point later in the story where I realized I probably hadn't revealed quite enough early on for readers to think that I wasn't pulling a deus ex machina out of my ass. Which I wasn't; I just hate description and keep being afraid that I'm describing too much. It also means that I get to write a scene at a benefit gala at a museum.

It's funny, when they say "write what you know," just how much that can be true even if you write something fantastical. I've been able to use my knowledge of movies, of comics, of the plight of the newly-graduated liberal arts major, and now of chichi museum parties. Oh, and of really pretentious people.

And now I would like to know my bed. And some Nyquil.

I'm still sick, and it's not a fun kind of sick. I'm totally functional, other than the snot dripping from my nose, but it's triggered my cough something awful. I also definitely have an ear infection in my right ear. Also, and this is the weird thing, as I've never had this symptom before ever, MY TONGUE IS FUCKING KILLING ME. How weird is that? My tongue is really sore, so sore that I can only eat soft foods. If I try to eat anything hard, it absolutely kills, the way something hurts when you put pressure on a really bad bruise. I tried eating a cookie and it hurt like fuckall. :(

But I still kick all kinds of ass.

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Is 80k really like 300 pages?? Serpent of Souls needs to end before it drags on into oblivion :/

That's strange that your tongue hurts.. lol. I get that a lot when I have spicey candy, because I have some kind of scarring reaction to cinnimon flavoring? It got really bad once like you were talking about, but it seems more internal than that ^^;

average novel length is 60000-125000 words. within that, most books are between 80000 and 100000 words.

congrats about your writing accomplishments! :) i've never known a person in the process of writing a long book and your reports are interesting.
and as another art student i'll add that pretentious people is most of what keeps me off parties and openings- i really can't cope. this totally fucks up any chance i could have to get connections or promote my work

the tongue.. i get similar problems when i have allergic reactions. or it could be your general soreness. my usual unfunny advice is, go and see a doctor if it doesn't go away in a few day. take care

I did my fair share of time doing the party/opening thing-- and got totally burnt out at it. Some of the people are very very cool, others are just irritating. People who always have to have something to say about everything get frustrating to deal with very quickly.

Nice job with your story!

Hope you feel better soon!

Way to go, that rocks! You are definately kicking some serious ass.

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