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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
Certain four-legged hairy vampire hunters need to understand that there are appropriate times of day for meowing.

Also, as of about a half an hour ago, my novel is officially too long for the spellchecker. Blahhh.


Word is so fucked.

I did, however, stay up much later than intended and I am now gone from 2500 words behind this morning to only 1000 words behind starting tomorrow morning. I have been a lot more productive at writing at night for some reason unbeknownst to me, lately. I was doing this last week, too. Technically, however, vacation begins on Wednesday, so if I write 2000 words tomorrow, I will be back on track. At this pace, I'll be hitting 100000 words in two to three weeks. It will take me a few more weeks to write the second 50000 words than the first , but I've had to do so much rearranging and editing that I figure that's all right. The further you get into something, the slower it goes. I lost steam a couple times but at the moment I'm very excited because I am only two scenes away from the next major major plot point, and then I will be coasting on climax and resolution. I hope.

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Man, you've got direction to your story ^^; lol. Mine just get started and never finished. I'm so totally not going to finish my Nano in a week. u.u;

I think we need to hook up a tape or something to meow at the devil cat all weekend so he doesn't get any sleep for a change.

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