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my grocery adventure
cap, captain miss america
Back in Boston. Very, very tired.

Our plane got in nearly two hours later than it ought to have, and we did not make it to bed till about 8:30 am-ishly.

Not that we've never stayed up that late, but, well, sleep.

So the fridge is totally empty. Plus we made pasties, along with many other things, in California, and we want to make them again this weekend with glapsi. So I went to the grocery store to replenish our stocks.

I bought a little too much. As in, too much to feasibly carry the ten blocks to my apartment.

I decided to try to carry it anyway. It hurt a little, but I was doing okay until I got about two blocks, when the shopping backs promptly gave out and my groceries fell all over the snow-laden sidewalks. Yay.

I redistributed the stuff in the okay bags, then went into a store and found someone who would call a cab for me. The cab came and took me home.

Despite the fact that I dropped the eggs twice, they are unbroken! My basil seems to have disappeared somewhere between the grocery store and home, however.

I walked in the door, started putting everything away, and realized that I had forgotten the one thing we actually needed-- cups.

So I went back to the store. I was good this time and only bought the stuff I had put back the first time because it was too heavy.

But man, I just want to collapse.

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what's pasties? Besides things strippers wear from time to time. X3

They're crusts full of vegetables and meat that you put on your boobies, just like strippers.

ooohhh... that certainly makes an evening more memorable!

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