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paid account!
cap, captain miss america
so i dished out $25 to make my account a paid one...i figure, for $25, i mean...i've spent $25 on some REALLY dumb stuff, and i know i use this and like it. so cool. i have a year of paid LJ.

if anyone who i *actually know well* would like an account code, please ask. no, i will not give them to people just because you like my KiSS dolls. but if i've actually corresponded a bit with you or know you IRL, i'll be happy to hand one out.

yay! now i can think of fun pretty things to do and upload MORE piccys!


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What about friends of your friends? ehe... my friend desperately wants a LJ code but I don't have any to give her... ^-^;

The paid accounts ARE pretty sweet. ^-^ I am planning on giving my LJ a WHOLE new layout one of these days, not even based off of one LJ has. Just have plan it right, and..*gasp*use HTML tables!*hates tables with a passion*o.o;

But yeah, I don't think $2.50 a month for a paid account on LJ Isn't worth it. Not having to put up with the slow servers is worth $2.50 alone ^.~

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