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Writing Update

I have just hit 100000 words!

pages in Times 12 pt, single spaced: 257
pages in Courier 12 pt, double spaced: 472

My wordcounter has become overtaxed and will no longer count words unless I fudge around with it. My spell-and-grammar checkers say that the file is too long to check. I have never had this happen before. Anyway, I am very, very proud at the moment. At the rate I am going, I should be finished finished in a few weeks. I know I was hoping to finish in December, but I still think this is pretty good.

Then I'm going to take a short break and start working on the next book, which I think will be a less intellectually-challenging one to write.

But first, I'm going to buy groceries, finally.

ETA: I just got frostbite bringing the groceries home. Like, my finger was hard and I couldn't move it frostbite. I ran it under some cold water and now it's starting to get feeling back in it. It's still a little stiff, though.
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