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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
I am joining evilprodigy's "They always kill off the coolest characters" club.

Only mine isn't Major Heyward.

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Well, you have to find something to like about in-class movies at ungodly hours of the morning. Otherwise you fall asleep.

Of course, then they go and kill that something.

But it's not just Heyward. It's everyone. I am serious. Movies and books hate me.

It's a rule: if a character goes about doing good, noble, selfless things all the time, that character is going to buy it before the end of the movie/novel/series.

Hagrid is SO toast.

Man, I wish more of the perfect people died. Then possibly my favorites would die less often.

Nah, not gonna happen.

Sawyer's not going to die. My favorite is Sayid. He's becoming die matieral.

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