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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
First character portrait I've done in a loooong time.

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I still need to decide who I'm shipping Sidney with. Maybe Sal. Sal deserves to be shipped.

As if my character's brain wasn't already broken enough with the hot Nazi chick.

One day Sidney is going to cross paths with his own family from an alternate universe and accidently deflower that version of Annabel, and then he'll be dead.

I'm going to ignore all the disturbing bits of that comment, like the words 'Sidney' and 'Annabel', and instead ask how exactly you 'accidentally' deflower someone? "Haha, slipped and fell, whoopsie, there goes your maidenhead."

No, more like in that world she's blonde and named "Bellana" or something.

And she has a goatee. All evil mirror universe doubles have to have the goatee.

Dude, no way Sid is sleeping with chicks with facial hair. Even Ballana.

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