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cap, captain miss america


I still have to rewrite the epilogue, but I'm jumping in the air. Only I'm seated.

Current Wordcount: 125,609
Pages in 1.5 spaced Times: 319
Pages in double spaced Times: 432

Edited to add @ 5:03 AM: Epilogue complete. 126,669 words, 322 pp. in 1.5, 436 in double. Just a couple big edits I think I want to make this week before I let anyone see it, and then I get a break.

And here is a single sentence from the book. That's all you're getting, though it happens to give away quite a...well, nothing. I just thought that you all deserved something for putting up with the yammering. It might not even wind up in the final manuscript, so we'll see.

Auberonna raised an eyebrow at Prisca's revelation, and it was the first time in the conversation that Jamie thought he saw even a hint of surprise from the woman.

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Already said this, but I'll say it again. WOO CONGRATULATIONS!


I'm so proud! You get a big ol' single tear.

Oh my god, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

if i manage it, i'll send you something celebratory. well, uh, celebratory crunchies. or celebratory whatever you want!

Wow...that's really cool! Writers amaze me. Congratulations and good luck!

*waves celebratory fans*

ahhh that's so awesome, tea!

major congratulations and celebrations are clearly in order.

congrats, that's awesome!

Yay! Nice job. Just thought I'd mention that Auberonna is an awesome name.

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