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i'm gonna make an LJ mood theme!
cap, captain miss america
i want to make a public LJ mood theme.

here are the ideas i've had.

1) really pixellated 8-bit critters
2) my mini people, like my tea's life icons (check my page)

what would you like? i plan on making them public. i need new icons desperately.


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i know this is a bit late but...ah, good idea! i really love your real life icons and also that mummy...i don't know what about him but he's just so cute. i'd love to have him on my shirt, like the izod alligator ^_^ ehem, anyhow. it all really depends on what range of emotion you can get, y'know? i know i like my mood icons to have a wide variety, not like how some have all the "angry" emotions have the same icon. i mean angry and enraged, they're different. i hope i made some sense.

oh, i totally agree! about the moods, i mean. i probably won't do them for all 130 moods, but i was so pissed that i lost the kao anis because they were the best for lots of different moods-- i bet i never even saw all of them.

i'm glad you like the mummy, the mummy is mikey's mascot: plainrapper which i bought him for halloween junior year.

i'm making ones of these little things that are tamagotchi-esque, 8bitbabies, if people like those maybe i will do more.


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