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On Gore
cap, captain miss america
It's funny how a single event can change your visceral reactions to something.

I was a gore junkie all my life. I loved watching pretty much anything with blood and guts.

Ever since I cut my arm open, I can't I have to cover my eyes, and I wind up having chills and feeling vomity if I do. Even when I hear about it, I've sometimes had violent reactions. A year ago, I passed out in a restaurant with my mom because she was telling me about a surgical procedure. That's all it was, and it made me pass out. The problem being, horror movies are still my favorite genre, and a lot of them are full of blood and guts.

I'm watching this godawful movie, Resurrection. It's directed by Russ Mulcahy of Highlander fame, and starring the guy who played Connor. But it's horrible. I mean, like, insanely bad, only David Cronenberg plays a priest in it.

But it's got all these cutty surgical amputationy scenes and it's making me go all wobbly in my legs and stomach.

It's also SO obvious what's going on. This is lame. They're not even directing the actor's voices and all the dramatic moments were stolen from Seven and twisted slightly but very predictably and the sountrack was stolen from the Smurfs, I think. And on top of the bad plot, they added a bad superfluous backstory where this guy's son died and in between the bad plot, there are bad scenes of the guy shouting at his wife and her shouting back about how OMG THEY LOST A CHILD.

Okay, a villain who talks like Ned Flanders is definitely a plus, but it doesn't redeem the movie.

Day 7 of editing. Page 323. words: 124,797

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Oh god. Anything Highlander-related makes me wary. (My mom was/is obsessed with the TV show.)

My little brother loved the TV show, I really like the movie, so I was at least expecting something watchable. It was not to be. Connor looks stupid playing a Cajun with no hair.


Guess whose dad was the Production manager of that movie?

No kidding! Too bad he wasn't the voice coach. Or the acting. It might have made it better.

Was that one of the ones he died in? Man, I feel like such a bad daughter. I didn't realize he's worked on the film until I saw this comment, and I'm pretty sure I was on set for half the shooting days.

OH! And WHAT IS WITH him and horror movies!?

Oooh was he one of the corpses?

Is it terrible that I kind of want to see that movie now?
&Oh, God, the Clockwork Orangeness.

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