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(no subject)
It is not fucking snowing.

It is not fucking snowing.

Oh my god, it is not fucking snowing.

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... Boston knows it's April, right?

I think it listened. It's raining now. I had to chant APRIL SHOWERS, NOT SNOW! at it a bit.

I think it's me. I went down to New Orleans for Christmas and it snowed. I bet if I went to Mexico or maybe even Egypt it would snow.

Aw man...

In other news, your LJ emotion guys are so cute...uhm.

What a strange place the Far East is.

It's Boston. New York does not do this horrible thing.

i'm remembering an april first snowstorm in massachusetts.... '96, maybe?

I'm surprised you're surprised. That's the sort of thing that Boston is known for.

(Deleted comment)
You're jealous of our goddamn evil satan weather? Go ahead and take it.

You should come visit me. Then it will snow in Orlando... muahaa!

Curious: are april showers better than april snows?

Hehe! I guess it's not too late for an April Fool's joke on you. Meanwhile, it's going to be mid 70s or so here this weekend.

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