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cap, captain miss america
First round of book edits are totally complete!

I have taken notes for second round, but now I am at the "what the hell do I do with the manuscript?" point!

Need to figure this out. Need to get copy of writers' market among other things. If anyone has any advice or knows anyone I can talk to to get advice, I would love to hear it.

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Write out a really kickass submission querry letter. Send it out a billion times. And talk to your agent-buddy.

Devote all of your savings to shipping. Give yourself all the credit you can. Sending a sample of work is reccomended above sending the whole lot, though some places encourage whole submissions. In my experience, publishing companies prefer a couple good chapters, then will request the rest if they're interested--much cheaper for postage. Double space and avoid serif fonts. Use big fonts, too.
If you can get an agent, you should think about it. It might be beneficial, though it might also be expensive.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden is an editor at Tor and has bunches of helpful stuff posted in her weblog, Making Light. Even more helpful is an old journal post of Neil Gaiman's, which has links to all of those helpful entries so you don't have to search for them.


Out of curiosity, what genre is it?

Ahm I don't know how I missed your comment. It's urban fantasy, slightly sci-fi-ish. Geared toward a slightly-older than YA audience.

Definitely send it to Tor... General YA submissions (if you think it'd be more appropriate there) go to Susan Chang... General SF&F stuff goes to Patrick Nielsen Hayden. I believe.

Tor does accept unsolicited manuscripts (send the first three chapters). There are more guidelines on their website, but it's all just standard stuff.

i had a friend who is an agent in NYC. i got her card for Joshi. what genre is your book? i know she deals with only one type. and i have the sinking feeling she moved to Ireland...or her girlfriend did...i can't remember which.

Urban fantasy, slightly sci-fi-ish. Anyone you know would be a super help! Thans!

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