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Art Programs?
cap, captain miss america
Hey, guys--

I've pretty much used Photoshop all my life, but I have a PC laptop and haruspexy has a PC, too, and my copy of photoshop is for the mac. We can't afford a $600 program, so we're trying to decide between Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro.

We especially want to know if either of these programs has a paint bucket that lets you fill all the pixels of the same color, even if they're not next to each other, whether either program lets you adjust HSB easily, and whether either program allows you to organize layers in layer groups (folders) like photoshop does.

We'd also appreciate anybody weighing in with any other pros and cons of either program! Thanks!

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Hey Tea? I could try to burn you a copy of my photoshop if you don't mind pirated software.

Right now I like PSP > Photoshop, but I think that might mostly be because I'm more familiar with it.


We would both heart you more than we do already!

I'll see what I can manage then, come Monday. If I can't figure out how to burn the darn thing [I am so tech handicapped sometimes, it's so sad.] I"ll just send on the burn I have of it, ok? I can always get another copy if I really need it. :)

If I can figure it out, you want a copy of PSP too?

balcarin uploaded a copy for us, so we're set, you don't have to pay to mail it to us. But we still love you loads!

Oh fabulous. :) Am glad you have your new toy!

I have a shameful affection for PSP, but I don't think it lets you do any of the stuff you mentioned. I know it has something like the filling all the pixels of the same color. I think it's called - surprise - the color replacer. But if you have a bunch that are similar in color it gets confused and does them too. If you have a vector layer you can do something like the folders. But only for text and lines and things. (I think. There's a lot about PSP I don't know.)

But anyway, I've always thought it was pretty easy to use.

you actually paid for photoshop?

just warez that

look for second hand slightly older versions, on ebay or any other place where they post second hand ads. or maybe the upgrades (also on ebay), but i can't remember if you can upgrade from a platform to another. that's how i got most of my software, legal and cheap

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