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what moonsongs...

i have been working on my SP doll's luna costume. it is very strange. i don't really know how to describe it; it's like something the childlike empress from the neverending story would wear as a teenager. it's pretty, i guess, but totally different from the rest of the costumes i've done so far.

these costumes are quite a mix of things. some of them are based on things that are mentioned in the songs, some of them are illustrations of characters in the songs, some of them are just what i feel like drawing when i think of the song. i dunno if it will make much sense to anyone but me when it's through. the geek USA costume is cool, so is ava adore.

the project i have been working on since december may not end up being published. that sucks. the company we were doing it for just fired the whole department we were working with. i hope we at least get paid for it. it's okay for me, i would have been working on something else if i hadn't been working on that, but it is a little disappointing because i basically did the entire project alone and took it home several nights and to hear that it may just be trashed kind of sucks. we'll see.

i need to decide what to do with the rest of my life. i need to be writing. i need time to write, which i just don't have at my current job. but everyone else is getting fired. i am the luckiest person in the world right now job-wise; i don't have to worry about where my next paycheck is coming from and i enjoy my work even if it isn't what i want to do for the rest of my life.

i love mikey.

oh, so i am working on a mood theme. it is called 8bitbabies and they are bouncy little tamagotchi-esque things. they will love you. i haven't done too many, i have like 15 of them. i don't think i will do all 130 moods but i will try to do 50 or 60. they're already much cuter and varied than a lot of the mood themes you can get. like, the predatory one has a pitchfork and torch. and the devious one doesn't have devil horns. i will not tell you what it is doing. that is for surprises.

starting in march i will have a *serious* KiSS site. i would like to have a lot of nifty content. so if you have ideas for things you would like to see, let me know. i may not be able to do all of it but the idea is to think big and then pare down. so what do you want? megan wants interviews. i had been thinking about having guest writers, and asking other artists to do "Top 12 lists" of favorite artists, favorite sets, favorite effects, favorite outfits...and so on. i think rick suggested something similar, too. i would like to have serious articles about KiSS and longer reviews and such.

oh, i also posted up asia's sets in a temporary memorial page till we can get the original content back. they are here: asia de garde. she died nearly 2 years ago.

umm, anything else? i don't know. i have been updating the IKL and reading some heartbreaking things some kids have written about KiSS and how discouraged they have become based on the BKP ratings and things. this includes some rather important artists. i don't know what you do...
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