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cap, captain miss america
i'm cold and i want tacos! TACOS!!!


i started filling out that survey that kimiki edited from rick but now i have work to do.

i got my confirmation letter that my credit card payment went through for my web space, but i am still waiting to get my welcome letter that will allow me to sign in. once i get that, i can transfer my domain to the new servers. i need to start working on the material for the new site. anybody interested in contributing? obviously i need dolls, but i'm thinking i will set up the site first and then start taking submissions. yes, i will turn people away. but i will alsways explain why. for example, i won't accept sets that use CKiSS or EP if they don't at least make an effort to need them. other sets won't necessarily be posted right away, i will keep them in storage and post them when the theme fits. i think that will be neat.

i will also need articles. does anyone want to write about something relating to KiSS for the first update? articles i will keep in archives after they are posted so that they will always be accessible.

and interviews-- would anyone like to be interviewed? would anyone like to conduct a particular interview? let me know.

same goes for reviews. i would like to get top twelve lists from artists, with brief explanations of why. other sorts of reviews i would like are reviews of KiSS phenomena-- a series of dolls that seem to go together, work by a particular artist. and of course if anyone wants to do a serious critical review...

something else i'd like to ressurect is a "must see" list-- maybe at the end of each month i will have people submit their top five dolls that were released that month. or best debut set.

let me know if you have any interest in doing any of these things.

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Well, I know this is kind of doofy, but I'd love to be interviewed. I've interviewed people in my site (the interviews absolutely nobody seems to have read -_-) but never been interviewed myself...I have opinions, hehe.

yes i have. i like your interviews. i even read the silent angel one that is gone.

also i know you have opinions. i would like to interview people who are interesting people besides just being KiSS artists-- and people who think about their work and don't just make KiSS dolls in the same mode that they poop.


.. I'd like to get an interview! I love interviews! But noone ever wants any from me ;_;

yeah, that's kind of surprising since everyone says you're one of their favorite artists...

okay, so i will interview rick and kimiki...i think those would be some cool interviews, because i can interview you both about how your different real-life interests influence your art in different ways, which is something i would like to see more artists show in their work.

i am thinking of some evil things to do, like have you interview each other as part of the interview.



I would like to be interviewed (though, really, I've already been done) but I want to do something more helpful to your site... I'd be glad to help with a review or two. I could easily give a top twelve list, and of course I'd send you some of my dolls (obviously not my earlier ones) for whichever theme you decide upon that month (if you decide to use them).

Anythin you need, lemme know. I like doing articles and stuff, and since I'm kinda in a fanfic lull right now, I can help you out tons.

I could do interviews, and if you want someone can interview me. I wouldn't mind doing a must see list each month if you'd like, saying like 10 top dolls people have to download and see, and I'll give a list of my all time top favorite dolls if you'd like.

Plus I could maybe help organize collab dolls, or maybe a challenge for each update? What I mean is work out a couple of set boundries for a doll, and have the dolls submitted for that challenge posted exclusively at the site. (like maybe have a doll with only one style of outfits, or give an unusual base, or make some kind of odd pose requirement.)

Just lemme know, I have plenty of free time this semester, so I can help in any way. o^-^o

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