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cap, captain miss america

Someone needs to teach Rowling how to arc a story.

The good parts of this one were really good, but I felt like I was reading the last chapter of all the other books, where Dumbledore sits down and explains things to Harry...only it lasted 652 pages.

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(Deleted comment)
I said no spoilers in the post, I'd appreciate if you not post them in comments.

Perhaps because I'm a terrible storyteller, I spared exactly no thought on HBP's exposition or arc. Mostly I was just too busy laughing, crying, and pacing alternatively and, at the end, simultaneously.

I have a feeling a lot of people will dislike this book. As such, I will prepare myself to defend it.

I thought it was incredibly, incredibly boring.

You've crushed my pretensions about defending it early, which is probably good. At this point, all I can hope is that everyone else will stop liking it as well, and it will be "my book" again — the book I loved before it was popular.

Only stupid people remain unwaveringly loyal, but I can live with stupidity easier than without Harry. My healthy sense of melodrama should keep me afloat.

The structure felt incredibly off to me - it focused far too much on unimportant things. I figured you probably wouldn't like it - none of the stuff we discussed really showed up, and that would have made it cool. (also, the fact that none of the stuff we made up showed up was mildly upsetting)

Hm. The thing for me was that pretty much none of the stuff I really liked about the previous books showed up in this book, and the plot seemed to be a lot of dithering around before a sudden ending to make something happen. And the characters - even people I previously liked a lot, precious few as they were - were really irritating in this book. That's all I can say without being spoilery.

I felt that way, too. There wasn't even a plot, really. In the other ones, there's been complex plots that all fit together (mostly) nicely at the end, but this one was just explaining the backstory.

Yeah, it was... well, I did enjoy it- that is, I never really wanted to just put it down and walk away- but it was kind of passive compared to the rest.

Kind of a really long book for the "omg sooooooooooo unforseen plot twist!!!!" at the end. :P

I think she expected small things to be surprising enough to make up for the big things. Maybe this is a sad, necessary filler. Maybe it leaves more question marks than we're seeing, and the final book will really make it all make sense.

I am ever hopeful.

hahahaha, I find it so ironic that all of us have totally loved it so far. Maybe it's just the atmosphere you read it in. I've only been getting positive feedback about the book, and I really do think it's my favorite one yet.

I didn't talk to anyone else about it or read LJ till I finished it, and I was actually expecting everyone else to like it. For me, I loved the Draco/Snape/Harry plot stuff and the Voldemort backstory, but most of the rest of the book was the parts of her writing that I usually didn't like in her other books, so it just felt really uneven to me. I think I would have liked it more if it had been about 400 pages instead of 650.

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